Problem with loading images in my github account


There seems to be an issue with my GitHub account, I am trying to figure out how to fix it or what is wrong.


Basically I noticed that my website hosted in github.pages ( is not returning anything and even when I ping it is doesn’t seem to work. First I check the GitHub status and everything seems to be working fine.

I then logged into the website and no profile pictures are displayed, either for me or from anyone (see below). I tried to use Gravatar for my profile but nothing changed.


The website goes in general very slow, I have a relative slow internet but this is crazy slow.

I have checked other github pages that I have and also none work.

I am not sure how to proceed or what to do, this seems to be exclusively happening to my account.

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The website you linked seems to work fine. It loads in normal time, and all links are working.

Be aware that lately there have been general problems with the Internet, from DNS delays or time outs, to nodes not working. Nothing unusual really, it’s summer time, so overheating of electronics, too many people connecting due to holidays, and less stuff for services maintenance in general.