Problem with "Innersource: Create a release based workflow training"

I just experienced something weird while doing this course:

I have WhiteSource Bolt enabled for my account, which means that every repo I created gets a Pull Request for configuring WhiteSource Bolt automatically created.

In the middle of the activites for this course, I decided to get rid of the WhiteSource Bolt Pull Request, so it would not keep showing up in my Project Board and PR list. The thing is, once I closed the PR, the GitHub Learning Bot took it as the action required to complete the current step of the training and close another PR (for which I hadn’t completed the steps yet) and proceed to the next phase of the training.

You can see the bot interacting with the wrong PR here:

To fix that, I had to go to the right PR (, reopen it, restore the branch, approve changes, merge it and only then close the PR and delete the branch.

You might want to put a watch-ou somewhere so that the students know about the conflict, as well as think about a long-term fix for this ;)

Facing further issues with this training, see my post at

"I just got the same issue. I was not able to approve the changes (problem: author cannot approve their own changes), so I de-activated branch protection and merged the PR. The bot closed it but did not trigger the next step…  Reference:"

Thanks for the report, @edusemensati! I’ve opened an issue in the course repository documenting the issue and mentioned you so that you are notified when it’s taken up.

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