Problem with index.html

2 years ago, I created a github page, which I could access at That directory contains an index.html file, and originally using that URL, any browser would display the correct content. There was a technical (Java script) problem which took time to resolve (I’m not a programmer, I am slow). Having solved it, I uploaded the corrected index.html file. Even though the new file is there, the above link goes to the old file, not the updated file. I can access the corrected file using, but I’d like to rely on the index.html default that used to work.

I thought perhaps that was a feature that just went away. I’ve read this question, but the OP’s problem is very different (a 404 problem). My problem is that the wrong file is being displayed and from what I can see, that original file should not even exist anymore so how can it still default to the old index.html file. I don’t understand the offered solution, which dates from a year before the time when my file worked correctly (something about " in the user site instead of project").

Ultimately, I would like the old file to go away forever; for user convenience I’d like a way to leave off “/index.html”. One of the answers points out that you have to enable GitHub pages: from what I can see (as I say, I’m not a programmer what that counts for nothing), I’ve done that, correctly. Any hints would be much appreciated.

It looks like your issue is due to a conflicting directory and file that both have the same name.

It looks like you updated this index.html file 2 days ago:

However, the old version of this file that was last changed 2 years ago is at this link:

As both the directory WritingtheLogoorilanguage and the file WritingtheLogoorilanguage.html use exactly the same name they are both conflicting at the same link. To make the new version of your file appear at you’ll need to delete the WritingtheLogoorilanguage.html file from your repository and keep the index.html file inside the WritingtheLogoorilanguage folder.

Thanks very much, that takes care of it. I’m embarrassed that I failed to check for that.