Problem with "edit this file": text box always expands fully vertically


Since a few days I have a problem when editing files. When I click on “edit this file” the file was always displayed in a text box with horizontal and vertical scroll bars (screenshot 1). However, now the display freezes for a short moment and then the text box is fully expanded vertically. The vertical scroll bar therefore also disappear (screenshot 2). Unfortunately, editing the file in this expanded text box is very sluggish. The behavior occurs with all browsers I tested (Firefox, Edge, Opera).

What is the reason that the text box is suddenly always fully expanded? Is there any way to control this?


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I have the exact same problem, I haven’t made any changes on my computer and all of a sudden, the file scroll is gone, it’s very strange, I tried making a new Github account and it also doesn’t work, I tried Mircosoft Edge and still doesn’t work, I reset Chrome and cleaned my computer and it still doesn’t work. I hope this is a GitHub bug and and I hope it gets patched soon!

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