Problem with dashes and title in quotes

It looks like there may be some errors in your front matter. Take a look at your front matter and make sure the following is true:

  • You used dashes on the first and final line
  • You added a page title surrounded in quotes
  • You added a date using the correct format

The YAML front matter should be at the top of your blog post file and should look something like this:

— title: “Your blog post title” date: YYYY-MM-DD

I fixed it but didn’t get a next email. Any help?

I guess most of your post is a message from the lab bot? In that case it’s best if you add a link to the issue or pull request in your course repository, so people here can take a look.

From your post here “— title: “Your blog post title” date: YYYY-MM-DD”
It seems you missing dashes at the end of your line.
I wrote by word 3 hyphens just incase if not showing here at the bottom
Here is how it should be
—( three hyphen)
title: “Your blog post title”
date: YYYY-MM-DD
—(3 hyphens)