Problem with commiting changes in desktop github exit code 1 error

im desperate right now, i was trying to add my projects to github in folder (many small projects so i don’t want them outside) and when im using lastest github desktop from : and trying to commit my projects this fatal error occurs (screenshots). i’ve tried doing the same thing with different projects on my other PC with diffierent github app (which i can’t find any more) every thing works just fine (the same repository), its just some html, css and js files in folders why the heck its not working.

I think it maybe something with names beacose in “changes” they appear with double first latter but i cant find a way to repair it.

I cant find any logs nor answer on internet.

please help, and thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @thrajnor,

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Hi @thrajnor,

I notice that your commit message is blank in that screenshot. Are you adding a commit message before you make the commit?


Hey, same Problem here, double letters and all that. Have you ever managed to fix it?