Problem With calling one Named script into Another Script

HI ,

I could not explain the issue , that’s why sharing the link here.

I am trying to iterate the for ‘project.json’ file which I am succeeded in, however, I need to use the full path of the project.json into another action where I can read the JSON file to get further information. But Iam unable to write the script since it is throwing issues.

Any suggestion would be really helpful.


As the error states, you are missing a closing curly brace somewhere after $package.FullName.

Hi @Simran-B ,

No I have not missed, Please find the script link here

It might explain issue clearly . I am sure I have missed any Curly braces

@Simran-B ,I am trying to run actions sequence inside

run: |

Foreach loop(object filedirectory)

That is where it is causing the issue. some thing like above