Problem with adding org

By accident I linked not right GitHub account (NatalijaIT) to org, then I left it and tried to add this org to right one but I received this error
There was an issue joining the organization: NameID ‘’ is already linked to NatalijaIT’s account.
How can I get this resolved? Thanks!

:wave: Welcome!

In order to link your new account, you’ll need to have an organization owner unlink your SAML identity from NatalijaIT . Please contact your internal support team for this, and if they need any help, an organization owner can open a ticket with our support team.

Please note that while the choice is entirely yours, we do generally recommend using a single GitHub account for both work and personal repositories. Organizations separate and protect work resources, and if you choose to use one account, there’s no need to switch accounts in your browser or manage multiple credentials on the command line.