Problem with a jar file stored with Git LFS extension


I have an issue with a jar file that I stored with Git LFS on this repo.

When I git clone the repo with git clone line command the downloaded jar file is corrupted. 

When I download it from the Github GUI here it works perfectly.

The dowloaded files seems to be different since sha fingerprints doesn’t match 3ea6457e99d217caaf152e240c3c6795aeb32eea from the corrupted file I get when I git clone the repo and e471c7bc25368311899993224ce3635f4eb6307e from the file I get from the GUI. 

Could you explain me if this is a known issue with jar files stored with Git LFS or if I did something wrong when I first push it to my GitHub repo ?



I solved my issue, just had to reinstall git lfs on my new machine and run git lfs pull on my local repo just as stated here

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