Problem to create a repository

hello everyone, I’m coming back to you for a problem I’ve been having for some time, I can’t create a repository it doesn’t accept the name I give it “Something went wrong” signalled in red… In spite of the use of the inspiration they propose me I can’t find the solution :frowning:

I hope you’ll be able to answer it…
good day to all

:wave: Welcome!

Have you tried this with another browser or with a private browsing/incognito window? Most often this is caused by a browser setting or extension.

Let us know how you get on.

So yes, I did go through another browser, I also tried it in a private window and nothing…
He doesn’t want to create a repository for me :confused:

You think of an extexion of my browser ? I use chrome if it can help you, and I didn’t install any extexion…