Probably overlooking something

I am a little new to github pages. I created a page to display some of my code which I have linked to my profiles for job sites. However I am trying to create a link to my linkedin profile and my indeed file on my published page. When I post the link in the index it will display as a link but when I try to view the page after being published the link is not clickable. What am I missing?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Everything I try to google on this prompts me to post my github page on my job site profiles which I already know how to do. I do have this in my config file as well but it does not post

linkedin_username: shaun-degueldre-1ab0041b3

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So I have figured it out.
use the link below

in the url link place the link you want to click to
in the link text place what you want it to read on the page to be clicked on.
just in case anyone is looking for the same thing i am

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