Private Repository in Organization and cannot clone or push to it


So I created a private repository within an organization and I am having troubles cloning or pushing it it(I can set public and clone but after moving it back to private the push back fails)

I am the sole owner within the repository so I should have no issues with access.

Any thoughts?

August 13 github changes, push need tokens or ssh keys, review it in: Git push problem

I am using OAuth, so the token is already there.

Hi @DanSheps,
This functionality definetly works.

Generally other users who experience the issues are due to an incorrect token being used and as a result that token does not have access to your repository.
Check your token value is correct (you can use any authenticated. Rest api call to do this).
If you are using a Git client and your credentials are cached local Credential Manager they cna be out of date also. So deleting thta entry, will allow you to re-enter on next git clone.

If the above does not solve for you is there any errors or other information you can provide


I hammered at it for another 2 hours and was finally able to make it work. Not sure what it was or if it was just time needed to pass.

I created a team, dropped myself into the team then added the team to the repo.

I know the oauth was working as I could clone my other private repos with the same oauth token, just not this specific one.

Regardless, it is fixed now.

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