Private repository cannot push

I have a private repository. Recently I’ve got some problem and could not push changes. I though may be I have conflicts or something. I cloned repository from scratch, updated files and cannot push anyway. It spins for a long time but after that stops spining without error message.

I tryed VS Code and Git Kraken Pro. Both acts the same.

I am on Windows 2004, WSL 1

I have tried other repositories, everything works fine there.

Hi @Serhioromano! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

Did you ever get to the bottom of this?

At a guess, I’d say it was an authentication problem, and perhaps Windows Credential Manager had cached some incorrect credentials for that specific repository?

To remove any cached credentials from the Windows Credential Manager, you’ll want to:

  • Open the Start Menu
  • Search for Credential Manager, and open it
  • Find a GitHub username and password under Generic credentials, and remove them

You might also find this documentation helpful:

(Click for Windows version)

I hope that helps!