Private feeds in dependabot.yml

In the dependabot preview with web GUI I could set up custom feeds (i.e. private nuget at GutHub packages).

Is it supported to set up surch private repositories feeds in the new dependabot.yml? If so, how is it supported. I am unable to find any documentation on this.

Apparently not supported yet, got this error when trying to convert via the web GUI:

You’re using unsupported features

Your account is using config variables for access to private registries. GitHub-native Dependabot will support private registries before Dependabot Preview is shut down. For now, we recommend leaving Dependabot Preview active.

The new version does not yet support private git dependencies. If you use these we recommend leaving Dependabot Preview active.

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As of November of 2020, you can find my answer about the same issue I had, and I managed to resolve it here.