Privacy Error with Namecheap Domain

Hi everyone!

I was able to connect my Namecheap domain ( to my GitHub URL ( When you click on the link, you’re immediately directed to the website. But, when you access the site via a google search of “madeleine teh” the site redirects to a privacy error message: NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID.

I have connected my domain to GitHub using these instructions, but there’s still something wrong.

I tried talking to customer support at NameCheap, but they told me to check with GitHub.

I would really appreciate some help with this – thank you!!!

Hi @madeleiiine, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

It looks like your site is loading correctly over HTTPS now. It can take some time for a certificate to be generated for a domain once you add it to your Pages site, so it’s likely this certificate was still being created when you checked on your site.

Hi Thomas! Thank you so much for your response! The site works well if I put the link in the search box, but when I try accessing the site via Google Search, it leads to a Privacy Error.

Should I wait a little longer to see if it connects?

This is happening because GitHub only generates an SSL certificate for the exact domain you put in the custom domain settings. In your case this is However, your Google search is returning, without the www.

Unfortunately there’s no direct easy way to fix this at the moment. There isn’t a way for GitHub to generate a certificate that covers both your www and non-www variants of your domain.

If Google has indexed the non-www version of your domain, and that’s the version you use in most places on the internet, I’d recommend changing the domain in your repository settings to the non-www version

Alternatively, if you’d like both versions to be secured with HTTPS, you’ll need to use an external service to deal with your SSL certifiacte, such as Cloudflare.