Pricing for addtional minutes: Question about the minute multiplier for mac

I have read the help on the billing topic

but I am a bit confused when it comes to addtional minutes.
Let’s say I have used all my free minutes and consider the following:

My workflow takes 10 minute on a mac machine.
And one addtional minute for mac costs $0.08

Would that make 10*0.08 = $0.80 or do I still need to add the multiplier and it woudl cost me 10*10*$0.08 = $8 ?

@siedlerchr ,

There is a note in the docs,

Note: Minute multipliers do not apply to the per-minute rates shown below.

So, the the cost should be “10 * $0.08 = $0.80”.

I have read the note but still was confused. So the minute multiplier only apply to the “free” minutes,