Pricing and management - Managing Team of developers

Suppose, We have 10 developers on the team.

Can I buy one admin user GitHub Team account and all others having a free Github account?
Will I be able to create a private repo and GitHub actions and provide access to free users to contribute?

Ques 1 - What is not possible with the above?
Ques 2 - What is the benefit of buying GitHub Team for all members vs Only one admin having team account and others on free account?

What is the difference between free Github users acting as collaborators and paid account team members? Can anyone help with this clarification?

Adding members to a team means paying for them to be in the team.

$4 / member / month.

Outside collaborators and bot accounts will count toward your organization’s total of paid licenses if they are given access to a private repository.

Collaborators will cost money if you give them access to private repositories, so, unless you want them to have less access, it makes sense to have them as members.

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