Pricing after the beta

Are there any information out there yet regarding pricing for private repositories after the beta? Right now it states “Free during beta” - but what happens afterwards?

Private repo pricing is shown towards the bottom of this page:

Hello, I may have bad eyes but I can’t see the price of each plan (pro, team, …) ? I can however see the additionnal hours for each operating systems. Can you help?


Hi @jfhenon!

You can find the pricing for Pro and Team on the GitHub Pricing page. Each one of those plans comes with a certain number of hours with additional hours available at the prices listed on the Acions page. 

Hope that helps!

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Yes, it does. I thought it was separate plans for github actions and github. thanks ! 

Is the included minute count per repo, per org, or per person (if a private account upgrades)?

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The included minutes are per User/Org (whichever account type is the owner of the repository where your Actions are running).

For example, an Organization on the Team plan, would have 10,000 minutes included in their plan. Those minutes are shared across all of their repositories.

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