Preventing blocks of text from turning into paragraphs?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to GitHub and markdown, and I’m having some trouble formatting a list for an API that I’m writing.

What I want:

·         ThreadSafe Function G3F_Direct_1D_TPL(wY, wCClb, wRClb, wGP, wCP, CPO, wRP, RPO,  dFrom, dTo)

o   Description: 1D direct calculation function template. Calculated results should be stored in the wY parameter wave

.o   Parameters:

wave wY: calculated Y wavewave

wCClb: Column calibration in original data, usually time or concentration


Return Value: None

My current code:

  • ThreadSafe Function G3F_ProcLocal_EpXZp_3D_TPL(wY, wSim, wCClb,wRClb, wLClb, wGP, wCP2D, wRP2D, wLP2D, wLCP2D, wLRP2D, row, lay, dFrom, dTo, wEP, wXZp)

  • **Description:** Template function for 3D locals calculation process with extra parameter wave with X-Y parameter wave. Calculated results should be stored in the wY parameter wave.

  • **Parameters:**

wave wY: calculated Y wave

wave wSim: Simulated process


The only way I’ve managed to do this in markdown on GitHub is by putting a line in between each parameter that I want to specify. However, this leaves a lot of empty space in my code. When I delete the lines between parameters, I get a paragraph once more.


Markdown in general, and GitHub Flavored Markdown in specific, allow for limited use of HTML tags within the Markdown text. One of the HTML tags that you can use for such things is \<br/\>, which adds a line break but not the extra whitespace between paragraphs.

I hope that helps!

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