Prevent forked .github repo from being presented as my own?

I’ve forked a .github repo from an org. However, it’s sponsorship info etc then show on my personal repos. I’m also now unable to create my own .github repo via (or however you want to create a new repo).

Is there a work around?

Hello @kingthorin :wave:

Thanks for your question!
When you create a fork of an existing repository , you get a copy of that project with the intention of submitting changes to the original project.
A fork may not be the appropriate solution for what you are doing here.

You will not be able to make a repository with the same name. One will need to be changed.

So this seems to be a miss on the functional considerations side? It seems totally reasonable for individuals to want/need their own .github repo while also having contribution requirements to other orgs or projects for which they might need to fork another .github repo.

You can absolutely make a change to the name of your fork and still create pull requests to push upstream to the original repository. This way you can easily differentiate the two.

Cool, never thought of trying to rename a fork. Thanks!