Pressing Ctrl key only opens Command Palatte

Tested on: Firefox 99, in Arch Linux or Windows 10

Changing these options do not make stop the issue:

I also have this problem — at least when focus and cursor are in an issue text box. Firefox on linux. In fact, pressing Ctrl, Shift, or Alt causes this to happen meaning that I cannot even capitalize text in issues. Nor access a colon, quotation mark etc. This has made github issues completely inaccessible to me. I have tried every combination of disabling within the “accessibility menu”

me too… disabled for using vim keybinds but can get rid of it… im searching for adguard script for it…

It looks like this is what is going to push my lab away from using github for good after a decade+ We have servers to host repos. If text boxes all all unusable in the web interface, then there is no reason to use github. Surely there are a lot of firefox users? Or is this only happening to firefox users on linux? Still, it occurs on all my machines so it is an obvious and intrusive bug.

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servers? i’d rather recommend codeberg… (i use it as a side account)… when github isnt foss they are ;p