Pre-Universe hype! - Code to Cloud Update

GitHub Universe is coming up next week! If you’re not already in the know, Universe is GitHub’s yearly conference where we announce new features, hold classes and presentations to help you get the most out of GitHub, and celebrate the developer and open-source community.

Universe takes place on the 27th and 28th of October (that’s next week!). Register now to unlock access to workshops, live Q&As, loads of on-demand content, and to build your own Universe schedule.

What I’ll be watching :popcorn:

There’s loads of sessions available over the 2 days of Universe. A lot of the live sessions are already fully booked (Though you can add yourself to the waitlist! :crossed_fingers:) so if you want a spot, you’ll need to act fast. Otherwise, there’s plenty of on-demand sessions for you to watch at your leisure. Here’s a list of some sessions that I’m planning to tune into:

Day 1 Keynote

The day one keynote, hosted by GitHub CEO Nat Friedman, is a must-watch if you want to keep up with all things GitHub. Here’s where we’ll announce this year’s new features and preview new things coming down the line. Tune in October 27th at 8:30am PDT to catch the announcements live.

Advanced GitHub Actions

It’s always hard to keep up on the bleeding edge of Actions—especially when you’re managing complex workflows across multiple repos. Senior Product Manager Jennifer Schelkopf is here to dig into the docs and show us all the advanced features GitHub Actions has to offer.

Raspberry Pi image customization with GitHub Actions

I’m a huge fan of tiny Raspberry Pi computers, and also a huge fan of Actions, so a session that marries the two sounds like a perfect match! Gina Häußge from OctoPrint will introduce their custom tool CustoPiZer and walk us through how to automate Raspberry Pi image customization from inside Actions.

Work smarter with GitHub on the command line using GitHub CLI

If you live in the terminal then the GitHub CLI is a must-install. Senior Software Engineer Mislav will tell us all we need to know about how to use the GitHub CLI to work better (and spend even less time alt-tabbing to the browser).