PR stuck waiting for checks (which should be skipped)

For our React Native project, the Actions workflow for the pull request will only run native code checks if there are native code diffs, else, skip them. As shown in image below, checks are skipped, but PR is stuck waiting for results from the two skipped jobs. Even if the skipped checks are required, it should at least send results to PR, right? The Actions dashboard for this PR shows the whole job as done.

I get the unicorn page when I try to create a PR. :frowning: It says everything operational on the github status page but obviously its not…

Hi @blane1988

In your screenshot, do you mean the skipped two checks are the same as the two waiting checks? As the job names are different in case. Could you please share your branch rules settings here? 

In my side, the skipped one could not block the PR .