PR shows wrong # of files changed

Hey, look this PR shows 4 files to be changed:

But in the resulting commit, suddenly 27 files were changed:

How can we prevent this confusion in the future?

Take a look for yourself:

From a quick look at your linked PR, I get the impression that the pull request was created from an out of synch branch, because it mentions 39 commits — which is most likely dragging behind either the commits from master/main branch, or some other diverging branch.

Ask the committer to rebase his PR branch on development, and then force push again his tts_dont_speak branch, and things should settle (in the worst case, the operations shouldn’t affect the PR at all).

The 27 files changed are the files changed in all those 39 commits — i.e. the differences the PR would introduce, which in this case contains more than just the intended (single?) commit by the creator of the PR.