PR checks stuck on pending after checks successful

Lately my team and I have been having issues with GitHub’s ability to recognize when checks are successful. We are working on a monorepo and this usually occurs when we have an update that touches all of the “packages” in the monorepo - this kicks off 9 jobs. When these 9 checks are kicked off it tends to leave 2 with the yellow pending color, without the loading ring around it. If you go to the “Checks” tab you can see that those pending jobs have successfully completed, but on the PR “conversation” tab we can’t merge the PR because it shows (usually 2) jobs still pending.

This is a private repo, so I can’t share. We are also running self-hosted GitHub runners and they are showing as available and healthy. It seems to be an issue with the GitHub UI around recognizing when the branch protection checks have been met.


We have an internal issue ticket to deal with the similar issues reported by other users recently.
I have reported the problem you are facing to the appropriate engineering team for further investigation and evaluation in the issue ticket.
If they have any progress, I will notify you in time, and sometimes the appropriate engineers may directly reply you here.

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Thanks @brightran. I’m usually able to side-step the issue by manually re-running the jobs that are showing as “pending” individually, while they are stuck. But yes, please let me know when there is some news about this ticket. I appreciate the response.


According to the latest update from the appropriate engineering team, they seems has deployed a fix for the problem.

Can you check if the problem still exists in your repository?
Any update, feel free to tell us. Thanks.