Potential Problems with Transferring a Repository?

Hi,  I was wondering what the potential issues or problems which could occur when either transferring a repository from both an organisation or another collaborator? 

From researching online I’ve found two potential issues:

  • GitHub does not automatically redirect GitHub Pages traffic
  • “If you create a new repository under your account with the same name as the transferred repository, existing redirects to the transferred repository will break. Instead, use a different name for the new repository”. Can anything else cause this repository to break?

This URL here: https://help.github.com/articles/about-repository-transfers/ states what can be transferred.

Are there any recommendations before starting a transfer?(e.g. backup) Is it possible to recover from a broken repository? Is there any way to find out if transfer was successful (for example logs or audit)? What are recommended steps for testing the transfer worked?

Hi @alexanderbrown21,

Thanks for being part of the GitHub Community Forum! I’ll help as best I can.

It looks like you’re reading the right documentation on this. I’d also suggest checking out our help articles specifically on transferring a repo owned by your personal account versus transferring a repo owned by your organization.

Definitely make sure you have the correct user/org name for where you are transferring to. Backups are never a bad idea, so I definitely won’t tell you to n_ot_ do that.

As for confirmation that the transfer went through, the receiving account should get a notification immediately asking them to accept the transfer. If you’re still unsure, you can write to private support and they can look at your account for you.