[Potential bug] Some jobs are queued indefinitely

I’ve recently added GitHub Actions workflows to my project but recently I’ve hit a problem where many jobs are queued upon some change (e.g. push to a branch) and most finishes normally, but some are just queued and won’t start even after many hours. It looks like they would have been queued indefinitely.

When I’ve canceled the jobs and requested them to run again, some jobs finished but potentially others are now stuck (sometimes fewer, sometimes more).

Job #1: Cleaned up code coverage CMake integration (now supports Clang!) · RippeR37/libbase@0600b0e · GitHub
I’ve canceled it after few hours.

Job #3: Cleaned up code coverage CMake integration (now supports Clang!) · RippeR37/libbase@b338455 · GitHub
The workflow was queued +17hours ago but there are 3 remaining jobs that just won’t start.

(For job #2, see the one between them (same commit name) as I can’t post 3 links…)

Overall I have no idea what to do with it, it looks like a bug with scheduling jobs to run or something like that? I would appreciate any help.

FYI: I’ve received response from GitHub Support and they confirmed that this was a bug and should now be fixed.

This is also happening to our repository: Actions · alpaka-group/alpaka · GitHub

I’d really appreciate anyone from the GitHub team helping us fix this.