Post-Universe catch-up - Code to Cloud Update

Hey everyone, hope you all enjoyed Universe last week! I had a great time watching some sessions. If you missed what I was tuning into then you can watch the on-demand sessions I linked in my previous post or over on the GitHub YouTube channel.

Before we get into the post-Universe chat though, here’s something cool that happened just after the last update: GitHub Actions now has over 10,000 Actions in the marketplace! That’s a lot of CI/CD goodness :tada:

Universe TL;DR :new:

Missed the announcements at Universe? Here’s the low-down on the cool ships I think you Code to Cloud peeps should be hyped about.

Actions deployment security with OIDC

If you work in a large organization that deploys to a cloud provider, you probably know the pain of credential management. GitHub Actions can now authenticate with cloud providers using OpenID Connect, generating ephemeral deploy tokens and removing the need for complex secret management. Get started using OIDC by checking out the docs for your cloud provider.

Command Palette

Navigate, search, and run commands without ever taking your fingers off the keyboard with the Command Palette. The team is looking for feedback on this right here in the community so head over to that category to share your thoughts and insights.

Pull request merge queue

If you’ve got log Actions or status checks that need to run on your pull requests you’ll know the pain of someone else’s PR being merged while your tests are still running, forcing you to start your tests from scratch. The pull request merge queue make this a thing of the past by running status checks against multiple “ready to merge” PRs ensuring that your checks stay in the green no matter how they’re merged. Sign up for the public beta here.

Member highlight :eyes:

I want to start highlighting some members in the community in these posts by sharing some great answers, interesting problems, or some of the cool projects you’ve all been working on.

This week I’d love to say thank you to @mudlabs who came back to the forum over a year later to update their post on how to get the filepath that triggered a workflow from within an action (quite a complex question!) with a great answer. Thanks for coming back and sharing your answer with us! :sparkling_heart:

Game On at the Game Off :video_game:

Not strictly related to C2C but in my free time I’m a bit of a gamer so I love checking out the GitHub Game Off. The Game Off starts this week and the theme for this year is BUG! If you’re taking part make sure to drop a link below, I’d love to play what you come up with!