Possibly terminolgy changes


Viewing my projects saw that section below:


I don’t consider “Languages” the best terminology for this section. I understand GitHub takes “Languages” by file extension so, to avoid a lot of refactors, how about just change this section name to something like “Technologies” or “Languages and Technologies”?

ps: I don’t know how to submit code for GitHub site, don’t even know if that’s possible, so i made this issue my first discussion here.

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Hey there, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! I understand why you’d suggest updating the terminology for that section of repositories (as Vue is technically not a language, but a framework). I recommend suggesting feedback to GitHub through their official feedback form!

Hope this helps!

I made that! Thank you :grin:

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Awesome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: glad to have helped!

I couldn’t find your post. Could you link to it?

For the record, because I didn’t find it, I made one…