Possible to turn off error matchers?

I have a workflow that uses setup-go. At the bottom of the output of that step, I see

Added matchers: 'go'. Problem matchers scan action output for known warning or error strings and report these inline. ##[add-matcher]/home/runner/work/\_actions/actions/setup-go/v1/.github/go.json

Then later in that workflow, I produce a test report that prints to stdout.
There is a line, ##[error] delete_me_test.go:17: fail.
As far as I can tell, that “##[error]” prefix is a result of the Go matcher. I don’t want that prefix, as it ruins the formatting I intended.

Is there a way to turn off a matcher? I couldn’t find any search results in the help docs, or here in the forum, mentioning matchers. I am fine if setup-go turns it on by default, so long as I can opt out of it later.

Hi Mark - thanks for the suggestion. Please could you open an issue on the setup-go repo directly? Thanks!