Possible to save generated html files when using Jekyll remote theme?

My project is using this Jekyll theme as a remote theme:


Is there a way to save the generated html files?

I can not find a _site directory which includes the static site.

Hi @aronsommer,

Rather than creating a _site directory in your GitHub repository, GitHub Pages runs the Jekyll build process separately, and stores the generated files elsewhere on GitHub’s servers.

It isn’t possible to directly download the built site, but you can create it yourself by cloning your repository and running a Jekyll build on your local machine. In order for your local environment to to resemble GitHub Pages as closely as possible (including support for the remote_theme configuration, among other things), you’ll need to install the github-pages gem, and add the following line to your site’s Gemfile:


Further documentation on the GitHub Pages gem is available here:


I hope that helps!


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Thank you @darrowby385

Now I understand :slight_smile:

I will try to build it locally.

Have a nice day!