Possible to host this Photo-Stream project on GH Pages?

Is anyone able to host this photo-stream on GitHub Pages?

I’m wondering if I made a mistake or it’s just not possible.

Hi @averagegatsby!

Looking at this, it’s all JavaScript and HTML. I don’t see anything that requires server-side processing, so in theory, YES, you should be able to host it on GitHub Pages!

However, I tried forking maxvoltar/photo-stream and ran into a lot of build errors from the way they iterate through all of the files in the repository (not all of which are images). It seems like there would need to be some modifications to some of the logic in feed.xml for this to work.

You may want to ask them if there are GitHub Pages-specific instructions (the instructions they have in the README are for deploying to Netlify).

Has anyone else had any luck implementing this photostream?