Possible problem manifest.json is request my username twice

(edit below)So I’ll try to be short as im typing with half-closed time

I spent 9hrs trying to make this work:

and it shows just blank page

I tried to create different repo’s with similar name and fix that then fix that… it’s not loading on either, i hoped to learn coding and all i get is 90% of my time goes into github as if it’s rocket science

so after 9hrs wasted, i also noticed (ctrl+shift+I) it’s trying to pull some link like:
So it goes like username.github.io/USERNAME/gh-page-name

While compared to my other project from few months ago = it pulls just username.github.io

and also the mentor’s app which is identical to mine doesn’t pull username twice.

I’m not sure what is messed/ is missing that caused this problem

Is .gitignore causing some problems

I’m not trying to re-write my whole project, but i may perhaps try new create-react-app and copy-paste the rest

or was something wrong with repository Name?
Should I call it USERNAME-my-project-name

is that username necessary? as in my previous project I didn’t have it nor I want my username in the project-name as previously it worked username.github.io/whatever-project-name

Edit: i made it work on new repository:

I’m not sure whether: wrong “homepage” link > Npm run build > edit correct “homepage” link" (add/commit/push) > Npm run build
was causing problems or not?
Meaning: I had to have the correct “homepage” link from the very beginning(before the Very 1st Npm Run Build) ?

Hi @aleksandar15, welcome to the GitHub Community Forum!

Sorry for the lack of reply on this for so long. It looks like both of those links lead to 404 pages now. Do you still need help with this problem or have you managed to figure it out?