Possible forum bug: 'Welcome' badge


I have received the ‘Welcome’ badge 3 times within the last 24 hours. I figure that it should only be given once given the description:

This badge is granted when you receive your first like on a post.

Not sure if this is a GitHub config issue or a general Discourse bug, but I may as well create a post to see if it is an issue with the config before creating an official bug report.

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Hi @baileyjm02 Welcome (once again) :smile: thanks for reporting we’ll take a look.


In digging deeper into this problem, you weren’t awarded the badge multiple times but you were notified of the badge being awarded multiple times. That does seem to be a bug but it appears to be a transient one. We’ll keep an eye out for this behavior and try to track it down if it occurs again.

Thanks for letting us know!