Portable version of Duplicati

A portable version (that hols on a USB sticker) would be useful as this would allow to restore file from any computer if one’s computer is not working anymore.
Any idea about the feasability and the estimated time for release of such a version.

Hello and welcome to our community @ptulkens.

If you’re asking how to use the piece of software that you found in a repository on GitHub, the best way to contact the maintainers of that software is to:

  1. Check the README for instructions on how to operate the software, pointers to documentation or troubleshooting info
  2. Check the SUPPORT file, if one exists
  3. Check the CONTRIBUTING guide, if one exists

All of these documents can be found, if they exist, in the repository where you found the software itself.

I hope that helps!

Thank you for your help. However, i did NOT ask how to use a piece of software I found a repository of Git-Hub. What I asked for is whether there was (somewhere or in development) a portable version of Duplicati. By that I meant a version that can stand on a USB sticker and which runs without installation. Portable versions of software are very handy when you need to use the program on a PC which does not belong to or is used normally by you but is belonging to another person, is public, or, more broadly speaking, on which you do not have administrative rights and cannot (or do not which) to install the software. With a sticker containing a portable version (both the sticker and/or the program can be protected, so that only you can use it), you can use any PC with a working USB connection and run the software even if you are only a guest. In the case of Duplicati this would be very useful in case you need to retrieve your files from the cloud but your own PC (on which you would have run Duplicati) is dead or you are away and unable to remotely access it. Many programs exist in both a classical (that requires installation) and a portable (no installation needed) version. But I did not find this for Duplicati. Hence my question.

Thanks for the clarification.

The GitHub Support Community is for support of GitHub and its related products and, more generally, for discussion of general software development topics. We don’t offer support for Duplicati, portable or otherwise, here in this forum even though the Duplicati software project is hosted on GitHub. And, in their README, they state where you can find support for their software on their own support forum. You may have better luck getting the answer to your question on their support forum about a portable version of Duplicati, its feasibility, and its estimated time to release.

I hope that makes things more clear.

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Thank you again for your answer. Sorry for the misunderstanding. While browsing through the Duplicati web site, I was, somehow sent to the GIT forum and thought this was the place. Thank you pointing the Duplicati forum. to me.

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