Podman issues on ubuntu-latest

I’ve been running podman successfully via GitHub Actions for quite some time.

Unfortunately, the Ubuntu 20.04 build appears to fail with the following error sometimes:

Container ‘2fd1d4678e42512bbb7caf887aa280f2f3227cbf18b97d6e5995639461770285’ in a bad state: {“cause”:“cgroup deleted”,“message”:“failed to obtain Container 2fd1d4678e42512bbb7caf887aa280f2f3227cbf18b97d6e5995639461770285 stats: unable to load cgroup at /machine.slice/libpod-2fd1d4678e42512bbb7caf887aa280f2f3227cbf18b97d6e5995639461770285.scope/init.scope: cgroup deleted”,“response”:500}

This does not happen consistently which is making it very difficult to determine where the problem actually lies.

Example actions configuration: pupmod-simp-ds389/pr_acceptance.yml at e2c326a982c1c70a0ca933ed5081df683f476886 · simp/pupmod-simp-ds389 · GitHub

It looks like this may be because some of the runners are using Cgroups v1 instead of v2. Is there any way to specify that you require v2?