Plugin-Sitemap not creating sitemap.xml

Hello.  I’m creating for myself a simple blog using Github Pages.  I’d like to use the ‘Plugin-Sitemap’ feature to automatically create the sitemap.xml file for my site.  But I have so far been unsuccessful at getting the sitemap.xml to be created.  

I’m not running a local build.  I’m pushing only to Pages.

I’ve put the following in my _config.yaml:

  - jekyll-sitemap

Do I need to add something to the front matter on each page, like:

sitemap: true

What am I missing from my config to autogenerate the sitemap.xml?
Thank you.

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Hi @soccershoe !

Thank you for reaching out!  If you are still having issues with this, can you check to see if you find an XML file loaded when you append “/sitemap.xml” to the end of your GitHub Pages site? 
Here is an example of the URL format that I am talking about

The jekyll-sitemap plugin is used to generate a search engine optimized link map for your website, so it won’t show any visual changes on your page when you enable this plugin.
Let me know if that helps.