Plotly and cufflink install issues with Python in ATOM [module error module not found]

Hi All,

I am having lots of trouble with plotly and cufflink install. Using pip install in command line on mac, it seems to work fine. I have read others with issues so have uninstalled and reinstalled with different versions of plotly in particular (2.7 was recommended) with no luck. Let me give some detail:

on install, everything seems to be fine:
if i do pip show I get the packages. if it’s helpful the location is as below:

however, when I check pip list I see plotly but not cufflink.

anyway, when I go to import in my script with the following:

import plotly as poly

I get the following:
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘plotly’

Obviously, I spent a few hours searching and tried various solutions but nothing seems to be working. My current concern is that maybe the version of Python that the script is using (when i do python --version I get
Python 2.7.16) is looking to find the packages in the 2.7 site packages folder rather than the 3.6 folder it seems to be installed in. I may be totally wrong however. It seems particularly unusual as all my other packages like pandas, numpy, scikitlearn, etc I have no issue with.

Sorry if this is a very basic question or has been asked before. I could not find anything similar in searches here.

I would appreciate some help if possible.

Thank you!!

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