Please re-add multiple comments per line


In the past, GitHub allowed a single line of code in a PR to have multiple conversation threads associated with it. This is really helpful: sometimes there are two distinct things that need to get addressed regarding a single line (consider one thought is a stylistic issue and another is a design one)–combining the two threads together can add confusion especially for new contributors vs. having distinct threads. Further, it seems that GitHub now requires new comments on a line of code that has a thread started by another user to be a new comment for that thread instead of starting a new one, even if that thread has been resolved. This further dilutes the conversation–if something was resolved, I don’t want to reopen it just because I have a completely different thing that needs to be addressed.

This seems to be a regression over past behavior, and it unfortunately makes performing code reviews more difficult. Could it be possible to reintroduce this functionality?


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