Please point to docs describing how scripts grap github sources remotely

I have used github for forking and downloading code and etc for a while but I am nowhere near fluent. For example, I am looking at how a linux derivitive (petalinux) finds opencv source files remotly from github repositories. Below was in a file with a “.bb” extension.


I don’t have much of a clue as to how to decode such an instruction and I was looking through the docs and did not meet with success. I have no problem with reading docs so if I missed it please point me to the correct ones. Going to the github opencv directory was not completely helpful.

Thank You


The .bb extension in this case appears to be a BitBake recipe which has a built-in command to pull from a git repository.

In this case it looks like whatever your .bb file is being used to build requires a specific branch from this repository on 

So the code you highlighted is actually a bitbake interpreted command and not raw git.

Are you looking for something specific? or does that answer your question?

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Thank you so much for replying to my post. The answer that you gave is a good starting point for the resolution of my issue. 

You asked if I was looking for something specific and my answer is quite simple. You did say that the BitBake recipe had a built in command to pull from a git repository. Let us say that I wanted to modify a c (or other) file in that repository. I would expect that I would have to clone the repository, make my change and then modify the BitBake recipe to pull from the clone repository. Would all of that be correct?

Thank You


Hey sorry for the delay. I’ve been out for a while… 

The steps you outline above make sense if you are forking / cloning the repo - unless you intend to contribute your changes back to the original project. 

Did you try this out? with success ?