Please notify to Slack when pull request was updated

I’m using Slack notification plugin.
When pull request (has been sent notification to Slack) was updated (editing title or comment, adding new commit), plugin send nothing to Slack.
I hope plugin edit existing Slack message when pull request title or comment were updated (like issues and reviews and comments were edited).
I hope plugin send new Slack message when new commit was added to pull request.
Colleague wants to know not only content of commit but addition of commit itself.

Does anyone care?
I pray that my voice will reach GitHub developers.

As I can understand you are using webhocks.

Lets see how webhocks works:
When a event occurs the webhocks send a trigger to slack, And slack render it to show you a notification.
(According to GitHub- Webhooks allow external services to be notified when certain events happen. When the specified events happen, we’ll send a POST request to each of the URLs you provide. Learn more in our Webhooks Guide.)

The same happen when you create a Pull request the webhocks send a trigger to slack and slack render it but, when you update the pull request the webhocks don’t send any triggers, so the slack can’t render edits.

What u can do:

  • You might want to create a issue with the slack plugin, and tell their developer about this issue.
  • You are using GitHub means you a developer then you create your own webhocks which can do your desired work.
  • Or use any other slack plugin which do this work.

(Side HINT- Try checking your config May be you have option to do this but it was turned off.)

Thank you so.

I have already known webhook is sendable all about pull request.
At repo/Settings > Webhooks > Add webhook.

And I tried recieve events at my server app then it was succeeded.

But i didn’t know slack plugin project (I’m embarrassed).
I’ll request that to there: