Please Help With Sending and Receiving Data through HC-05 Bluetooth at 230400 Baud Rate

Currently, I am working on a project where I am trying to send data at a baud rate of 230400 or 250000. This works when the Arduino is wired to the computer. The data is received through a MATLAB code and the data is read by an Arduino program.
However, when I use an HC-05 Bluetooth module I can only send data when using a baud rate of 115200 across all programs. But when I program the module to 230400, as well as the MATLAB and Arduino, I do not receive the correct data. I programmed the Arduino to send flaggers after every 3 bytes of data, but I do not see any flaggers in MATLAB when the baud rate is 230400. I am receiving data, but I am not sure what it is since I do not see the flaggers. I am unsure where the issue is if it is the computer, the Bluetooth module, MATLAB, or Arduino. Please let me know how I can receive the correct data, or where the problem most likely is.