Please Help. Password reset spamming my email

I am getting 2 emails every MINUTE that are the “reset your password” emails from github. I am NOT attempting to reset my password. I did for safety purposes and put on the 2 step authentication factor just in case but it is SPAMMING my email. This is insane and I cannot make it stop? I submitted a ticket with github but have not heard anything back and have deleted HUNDREDS of messages already. This started this morning and needs to STOP. I need to be told how to change my email associated with my github or make this stop somehow. Please. You would think GitHub would limit the amount of password resets that you can attempt within a few minutes let alone just asking for them several times a minute ( Guessing this is a bot of some sort… ) =/ Advice or help? If anything, and I would hate to do this but how would I delete my account? Because it is at -that- point.

I did decide to send all these to my junk mail but I don’t want to have GitHub official emails going to my junk mail if I could help it :confused:

Hi @LadyAnimeYuki, sorry to hear of you trouble and hope you get a solution,
There is documentation on how to change your email and delete accounts, but hopefully you get a better solution than having to delete your account.

Good luck

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Currently at 756 emails in my junkmail folder.

Current solution because github has yet to reply to my ticket is to BLOCK all communication from github. That’s a really HORRIBLE solution for this. I feel like I am being attacked and github doesn’t seem to care. At the best this is a bot attempting to hack me. At the worst this is someone maliciously trying to harass me.

STILL no support from GitHub 6000 EMAILS LATER. It is STILL an issue.


Already tried this and submitted a ticket. There has been no response.

I woke up to this same situation this morning, over 1,000 password reset emails filling up my inbox.

My solution was to remove the email address from my account as it was a secondary email.

Would be good if Github could rate-limit / throttle these reset emails so this doesn’t happen again.

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Maybe somebody is trying to hack your account (in a very, very dumb manner)? Though if I was trying to hack a github account. I would not and I repeat NOT spam someone with reset password emails hoping that the victim would be dumb enough to click on it XD

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exactly this is going on DAY THREE and still no reply from githubs ticket system. :confused: I had to make a rule that anything with github gets immediately deleted from my inbox. it will be horrible if I actually NEED to reset my password =.= I would just remove my primary email but it is my primary and I don’t want my work unassociated with me :confused: and It wouldn’t solve the issue of being spammed it would just transfer the spam to another account… Tempted to see if I can change my email to githubs email :l because if this was happening to THEM maybe it would be more of a concern.

They got back to me with “change your email” because apparently there’s nothing they can or are willing to do to fix this for those of us that are being harassed by their system. Even if they limited it to a time like half an hour before a new email could be sent this would FIX the problem.

Hi @LadyAnimeYuki - I’m sorry I didn’t see this until now.

It does look like someone was sending a lot of password resets to quite a few people. I believe we even made it to reddit as a result :grimacing:

We have since pushed some changes that have definitely reduced this, but I am sorry this took so long. I’ve had this happen on other services and it’s not only annoying - it can be distressing.

If you are still being these requests, please let me know and we’ll get someone to look into it.

i think someone is trying to hack their account, i don’t think so there’s a spam problem

About my issue I had opened a request more than a week and no reply yet, when I could have one?

Even if, its a v e r y dumb way