Please help deal with violence content!

In the pull request, a user (ghost (Deleted user) · GitHub) has posted words and pictures that incites violence and promotes Japanese Fascism. Even worse, it is making use of the video game Genshin Impact’s characters as a disguise, some of which are actually minors. So in other words the user is promoting child violence.

The ghost account takes the place of a deleted account. While GitHub Support can delete the content, they cannot take moderation action on the user.

So there is nothing we can do to locate the user who originally posted the content?

It depends. If you look at this commit:

You’ll see that it says:

@tuzhidazuo committed 15 hours ago Verified

And you can see that:

Doesn’t exist.

The commit itself was thus created by a user account (and signed by GitHub as coming from that user account).

If the message commit itself is offensive (I tried using Google Translate to read the commit message, and it’s bizarre, but translations are often strange), then you can imagine that the account likely to have created the PR was the same as the one that created the commit.

However, do note that one account (A) can create a PR from an unrelated user’s account (B) into a third account (C). So this is at best circumstantial evidence.

I’m not sure what more one can do from this side.

GitHub Support can certainly terminate an account – and given that there’s at least one ghost account here, it’s quite likely that they in fact have done so.

If you believe that the content violates national laws, you could probably ask GitHub support if they could help in gathering evidence for submitting to local authorities. I wouldn’t be shocked if GitHub were willing to support w/in their abilities.


Well, it’s becoming a little bit confusing. Anyway, I suppose the user is intentionally making use of the loopholes to evade the moderation. And I wonder how long will it take for GitHub Support to deal with the PR?

I have no experience asking support for things in this area, I’d encourage you to try and report how long it takes.

I think that the documented path in this case is: