Please don't get rid of light theme!

Those of us with astigmatism literally cannot read dark-theme text. I’ve had to stop using JS Fiddle since they dumped their light theme (light text on dark background just looks like a bunch of illegible fuzz-balls to my eyes), and I could not do my job without using GitHub!

I appreciate that those with nocturnal programming schedules need dark theme to avoid further disrupting their circadian rhythms, but please please please don’t let this be a test for permanently switching from light to dark!


I believe there are no plans to dump the light theme on GitHub, the dark theme was just an addition that many have been asking for.

Unfortunately many online services and software tools are oblivious to the accessibility needs of the many categories of people who have special needs (from those suffering from dyslexia, to the color blind, the blind, and many other forms of visual impairments).

I have reasons to believe that GitHub takes into consideration those needs.

In any case, there should be some browser extensions that are designed to re-adapt colors according to special needs (e.g. to compensate for different types of color blindnesses), so you might look for such an extension, which could ultimately help you enjoy any website, regardless of whether its authors adhere to the web consortium standards for web accessibility or not. Most of these tools rely on color profiles to adjust the colors visible in the browser to the special needs of various vision impairments, but this only works on browsers which do support color profiles (not all do, so you’ll need to do some tests there).


@DrPlantabyte Thank you for voicing your concerns. To echo @tajmone , I’ve never heard anyone suggest that everyone should use dark themes instead of light themes, so I’d be very surprised if github were to make such a move.

Like you, I have very specific needs, but for me I need a full black theme rather than a light theme or a grey theme. So I very much empathise with your concern. While the majority of people prefer/need a light theme and have generally been well catered to for a long time, there are a significant portion of us who prefer/need a dark theme, and have largely been underserved for quite a while now. What’s worse is when companies like slack implement a solution that overrides the plugins that we use, making it much harder to use.

I’m grateful to github for implementing their theming in a way that does not override my plugins, but still provides flexibility to cater to more peoples’ needs/preferences than before.

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Hi @DrPlantabyte, I’m the PM working on building out a more inclusive collection of themes for GitHub. I can assure you that there are no plans to get rid of GitHub’s light theme! In fact it’s quite the opposite. In the next few months you will actually have more choice within light themes for GitHub. We are currently working on Light and Dark modes for a Red/Green Colorblind Theme and a Light High Contrast Theme that will join the Dark High Contrast theme we just released.

Is there any other feedback you have on how our light theme (or another theme) could be improved to make using GitHub easier for you?


@gaknoll Thanks for the update. Keep up the great work.