Please create a category for reporting bugs

I’ve just joined the Community a few minutes ago and already ran into a few bugs (example), but there’s no “Bugs” category.

Please create one, and also please mention in the Welcome topic how to report bugs with GitHub. Emailing support@ used to work, but after the Microsoft acquisition, my bug report emails stopped getting any replies.

Also, the Welcome topic is a big vague:

The GitHub Support Community is a community of GitHub experts ready to answer your GitHub questions!

Are any GitHub staff monitoring the Community?

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I’m sorry that you ran into a few bugs and very much appreciate you reporting them. For bugs with the forum itself, reporting them as you have been or by using the Feedback button on the side is probably the best way to report those bugs. For bugs with GitHub itself, posting in the category belonging to the part of GitHub that you’re using would be the most helpful. If there isn’t a clear category, I would recommend the #how-to-use-git-and-github category.

Yes. We have a mix of admins and moderators for the forum itself, support engineers focusing on specific areas of GitHub, several interested product and engineering folk, as well as some very friendly and knowledgable super users who all take time to answer questions on the GitHub Support Community. We cannot guarantee that all posts will be answered by GitHub staff but we do our best to make sure that each post does get a response.