Please Can Someone Review my PR?

I have completed all the milestones of the course, reviewing-a-pull-request, but somehow I was getting a 404 error on accessing the link to the game. I learnt that it was because the URL pointed to the https site but I don’t have it enabled on my website. Now, that I’ve modified the URL, I get the following message: 

Review RequiredAt least 1 approving review is required by reviewers with write access. Learn more.

Merging is blockedMerging can be performed automatically with 1 approving review.

I don’t have the bots anymore! I’m alone on this repository. I don’t understand how this will work out.
Can someone review my PR?
Alternatively can I add a tag so that someone else may request a PR and then I would approve it?
Would I have the authority or is it only with the course/code owners? 

Here’s the link to my PR #5 

Hey there! I’ve approved your PR but I believe since Im am not an collaborator in your repository… its not taking effect. Could you please add me as an collaborator please? My handle is ppremk. We can take it from there then :slight_smile:

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Oh! Yes, I will. Thank you so much!