Please Allow Advertising on Projects That Want It

I practically stopped developing my 36 projects because I can’t tell anyone about them.

I have been barred from Reddit, CSharpCorner and StackOverflow for trying to promote my projects.

On Code Plex, I made $5 to $10 per month. Git Hub has 10 times the users and a better site, and I have 3 times the projects, so I could probably make hundreds of dollars per month if I had ad revenue and more projects and users.

One thing I know for sure, there would be more open source development if people can make money from their projects. The problem with Code Plex is Microsoft outsourced it to developer media who took all the profits. Run it by volunteers and ad revenue could be a huge profit for developers, and it would give people a way to advertise their projects.

Git Hub gives us great tools, but only popular people can promote their projects, this is not what open source is supposed to be about.

Please allow ads on projects that want it.

I also really hate your ‘Help’ now makes it impossible to contact you. That may ‘Scale’ well for you, but it makes your users disconnected from you and I liked being able to email you and get a response on a Friday Night in 10 minutes in the past.

Open Source would be better if people knew about more projects.

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Hi @datajuggler,

I’m sorry that you’re unable to fund projects in the way that you used to. I’m sure it’s frustrating to have to find a new revenue stream.

GitHub believes strongly in supporting the work that Open Source developers create. However, we’ve found that the ad-supported model does not align with our values. Instead, we have created GitHub Sponsors to help developers support their open source projects. If you need help getting started, please review our help article on Setting up GitHub Sponsors for your user account.

Thank you for feedback on the support process. When we made the change to GiHub plan we made some changes to our support process, you can learn more about the changes in our FAQ about the changes to our pricing plans. I do understand your frustration on response time but on a positive note, when we respond to a question in our community we are allowing more developers to gain that knowledge if they encounter the same issue.

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I can’t use Git Hub Sponsors because you have to have 2Factor Authentication, but it wouldn’t matter if I had sponsors no one will even download my code because they don’t know about it.

That is stupid to not want people to know about projects, or have to ad revenue.

I just want you to know how much you are hurting open source by not allowing people to promote it. Only popular people can promote open source, so you are not helpful at all in promoting work.

Thanks for the same answer you gave me 3 years ago.

Let the people decide, don’t decide for them. That is called Freedom

Thanks for nothing, other than a free place to host code no one knows about it. Might as well not exist.

I quit open sourcing because of your decision, just thought you should know.

Sorry Git Hub.



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I’m confused GitHub offers a completely free alternative but you’re refusing because it requires you to appropriately protect you’re account?

I suppose you’re free to host you’re code anywhere any advertise it as you see fit, GitHub isn’t stopping you.

I fail to see how free code hosting, with sponsorship support on secured accounts is a bad thing.

GL sorry you’re disappointed in an awesome Free service.

Sponsorship is only good if someone knows about a project.

A lot of programmers are introverts, or just not popular.

Lots of great code goes unnoticed because there is not a single place on the internet, other than Twitter perhaps, that lets you talk about free code.

If you are not popular, you can talk on Twitter all day long.

I fail so see how wanting more people to become successful at open source software is a bad thing.

I fail to see why Git Hub doesn’t want to help people promote their software.

Git Hub is great for the code hosting part. Google charges me the same to advertise free code as does a commercial product.

Sites like Stack Overflow want $10,000 minimum to advertise.

I fail to see how Git Hub doesn’t want income and to help open source project create income.

I quit and I have 36+ projects. Imagine how many others quit because no one notices them?

Sorry Git Hub till change your mind on this.


I see suggested projects/repos in my dashboard. They’re usually aligned to my interests/requirements. That seems like good free advertising (for those projects) to me.

I don’t think GitHub ever purported to be a marketing or advertising platform, and I’m not sure many in OpenSource would want them to be.

I think maybe we are missing your vision. What exactly is it that you think GitHub should be doing for you?

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You don’t seem to think Git Hub should help people market their projects, and that is hardest part of open source.

I don’t understand how you don’t think people making money from their projects would help open source.

Being my salary was $70,000+ per year at the time, it was kind of dumb on my part, but I would code more trying to make a few more dollars each month than the month before.

For Sponsors, I want Sponsors who are software companies that want to reach developers. For me to get donation sponsors, someone would have to know about my projects.

Let the “Purists” and the people with jobs not opt in if they don’t want to, or Code Plex had an option to donate ad revenue to charity, so that is also something you are missing.

But if my project could accept Sponsors by bid, some company might pay $3 per month, or some projects might bring in $10,000 or more per month. Either way, I would pay to advertise to other developers that might want my projects:

DB Compare, are free SQL Server comparison tool. On Code Plex I had 10,000+ downloads. No one knows about it on Git Hub, and it is better now.

My Entity Framework Alterative DataTier.Net, that creates all Stored Procedure Data Tiers did better on Code Plex as Rad Studio Code Generation Toolkit, but it is 10 times better now.

Sorry Git Hub doesn’t think promotion is part of Open Source, but the way it is now, only popular people’s projects get noticed.

Scott Hanselman could have a bad project get 100,000 downloads because he is so popular.

Joe Code Guru no one knows about could invent the best thing ever, and you leave it to random chance that Joe Code Guru’s project is successful.

I hate that.

I have paid hundreds of dollars to Google trying to promote my projects. This actually hurts my videos because most people click Skip Ad after 6 seconds, and Google thinks, crappy video.

Where are people supposed to advertise their projects, if not Code Plex?

Does Netflix care about Open Source?

Does Amazon care about Open Source?

Does Twitter care about Open Source?

Only one company that I know of cares about Open Source, but they don’t care enough to help open source developers. Microsoft is after Azure money, which I pay them a bunch, so it seems more open source developers would help Git Hub and Microsoft, but I am the only one that cares about marketing projects, not just free hosting and great tools like Visual Studio and SQL Server Express. I still thank Microsoft for the great free tools, but marketing is the hardest part, and if you don’t care about that, you don’t care about open source development or open source developers.

I have asked for 3 years, and I will ask again next year, maybe.

Sorry Git Hub doesn’t care enough, because it would grow your busines like anything else you have done.


I’m still missing what it is you think GitHub should or could be doing.

  • Do you want them to randomly advertise projects via ad networks?
  • Do you want to opt-in to seeing banners for other projects in your dashboard?
  • Do you want your project banners somehow exposed to or forced on other users?

What’s the implementation of your vision look like?

I get that advertising or marketing can help all sorts of projects, not just yours, but much of the GitHub community. What’s missing here are actual details.

· Do you want them to randomly advertise projects via ad networks?


Do you want to opt-in to seeing banners for other projects in your dashboard?

Change the word seeing, to showing, and then yes.

What I really want is project sponsors to bid.

Say a software company comes to Git Hub and they have $500 to spend per month, spread out on dozens of projects. The sponsors could view a list of companies, or have a spread out function that does it by tag and max bid or something.

And what I want as a project promotor, is to have a cheap way to be one of those banners or a side ad. I think an open source project should get a cheaper rate than a Component vendor, so a project might have a banner at the top, and a link exchange or promoted projects section on the right side. By allowing others to show their promotions on your project, you get to do the same on theirs, or some kind of way to help each other promote our projects that we are all so proud of.

A project ‘Link Exchange’ that is free, would actually be better than advertising, since people with projects, would browse other people’s projects, the whole point I am trying to do. Right now it is every person for themselves.

· Do you want your project banners somehow exposed to or forced on other users?

I am a Libertarian, so I want to pay other projects that opt in to accepting ads, or opted in to having their project show on my project as described above. I am trying to advertise something I am selling for free. Do you understand the ROI is just not there to pay very much, but I would pay $100 or $200 if I am working, which I am not currently, to help tell others about my projects.

Not forced, because the ad is shown on a project that wants either ad revenue and / or ad exchange credits, or some kind of way.

The only reason I can think of for Git Hub not to do this, is you are trying to save on your Azure bandwidth bill because the increased clones and downloads will be a lot.

It would grow open source more than anything in open source history, and you ‘I have a job’ people at Microsoft don’t care about the hardest part of software “sales”. Marketing.

I am not the only one that would want to either raise money to help pay for advertising their projects. I am not trying to get rich, but I have code no one knows about, and so do lots of people, because you think marketing is not important, but it is the most important part.

Imagine if college kids started watching YouTube videos about other coders making hundreds or thousands from their projects. They would want to do the same.

Or imagine the collective donations from thousands of projects, that could house homeless or change the world.

Growing open source should be Git Hub’s #1 priority, but I seem to be the only one that notices how hard marketing a project is.

Sure my projects could just suck, but people tell me they like them once they know about them so I think it is more lack of any place on the internet to help with this part.

Please ask the community, don’t just decide because even with the charities you are not helping, you are making children go hungry and sleep in the cold. But you have a warm bed, so what do you care?



I don’t think anyone is against ideas for growing Open Source software. But actionable or fleshed out ideas are needed. Thanks for your detailed answer that gives GitHub and other community members (like me) something to contemplate and work with.

Thanks for elaborating on your request, @datajuggler. You may want to submit this feedback directly to our product and engineering teams using the official feedback form. If you don’t want to copy over all of the context, you can direct them to this topic in the GitHub Support Community for more information.

Thank for the response. I have submitted the same request several times. Every 6 months or year I think about how frustrating selling free software is, and I can’t change it so I ask the one company that can.

They don’t want to grow open source, it would give Git Hub more bandwidth charges, which no one can afford if you use Azure, even Microsoft that owns Azure.