Plans to support global workflows in .github repository

I just found out about this awesome GitHub feature

I immediately noticed that I have few workflows that are exactly the same for the whole organization, like handling stale PRs and Issues.

Did you think about adding support for GitHub Actions in .github repository. Would be even nifty if in such a global workflow file I could define exactly what repositories is it for.

What do you think?


Hi @derberg ,

Thank you for reaching this out! Currently github workflow only works per repository.

According to the policy, you are welcome to share your idea here where github product manager will take a review.


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Thanks a lot for a hint. Sorry for posting it in a wrong location. I just sent a feature proposal. Thank you again

hi @derberg, I have read in one of the discussion that GitHub Actions development team is working on enabling workflows on organization level.  


@ibakshay Can you post the discussion where you saw this?