Plan to support the migration of issues to discussions?

I’m very curious and really looking forward to getting my hands on GitHub Discussions announced during GitHub Satellite 2020, which by the way are now in beta and available only to a few of our communities.

I’ve got a question about this new component though. As we’ve been using the issue system of a specific repository for our Q&A purposes, I’m wondering if GitHub has already planned to support the migration of issues to discussions. This way, we could easily merge our current database of Q&A in the (soonish) newly available service.

According to this online resource, we will have that:

Confirming the strict relationship between Issues and Discussions, GitHub enables to convert back and forth between the two formats.

Somewhat related topic where it seems there’s a way to perform the conversion.

Here’s the final official doc:


Thanks for the posts / links related to Github Discussions. We have enabled Discussions tab for 2 of our repositories. The problem is that converting an Issue to Discussion is enabled only in one of them (FYI : We didn’t explicitly configure any settings to enable this conversion from Issue to Discussion). We have not found any way yet, how this conversion from Issue to Discussion (Convert to Discussion link on bottom right of an Issue page) could be enabled also for the second repository. Are there any settings we need to look at?

Any help is appreciated.

Actually, I’ve been recently observing what you described: for some repos the conversion works, for others it doesn’t seem to be operational. I have honestly no clue about that.

The documentation doesn’t provide insights on this.